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With the explosive emergence of Chase Huna in 2017, the future of Smooth Jazz has never sounded brighter. Still in his teens, the ultra-melodic, R&B driven saxophonist caught the ear of critically acclaimed guitarist, songwriter, producer, engineer and vocalist Steve Oliver, who took Huna under his wing and helmed his dynamic debut ON THE CHASE. The two co-wrote all ten originals, whose vibes range from in your face funk to road trippin’ pop and dreamy sensuality. Oliver’s colorful instrumental and vocal imprints lay a lush foundation for Huna to explore a playful range of soul-stirring emotions. Your new year will get off to a high flying start when you launch ON THE CHASE!

Since Chase was very young he has always listened to Jazz music. When he did pick up the saxophone at age 10, the music was very easy for him. Erv Schawacker, his first instructor said it was because he knew what it was suppose to sound like. Just a few months later he was playing for audiences in some of the best Jazz clubs in the desert. He has worked very hard at his craft and continues to improve every day. 

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